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Poverty has been an issue in most of the African countries/states. We have been having the ideas to ensure that assistance is being given to these people. Amid advertisements in journals, media televisions, still we are unable to reduce this. living below $1  a day indeed is hectic. on my survey that i have been conducting, i have realized we only feed them and we are done. From our survey if we would be inventing a way or training them on how to make their living it would have reduced the…


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Report: AfriK4R Forum & Sixth Annual AfCoP Meeting

From December 2-6, 2013, about one hundred and fifty delegates met in Harare, Zimbabwe, to set up the African platform on natural resource management, to share good practices on managing for development results and to move forward the implementation of country road maps aimed at accelerating regional…


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Some Thoughts on the Experience of Benin in Managing for Development Results: the Critical Role of Capacities

I would like to share with the AfCoP Members a document in my opinion very interesting, presenting the experience of Benin in Managing for Development Results (MfDR). The original document is attached to this blog, but unfortunately it is in French. It has been produced after a high-level meeting for decision-makers and public sector officials on MfDR held in Tangiers, Morocco from January 28th to the 30th 2013.…


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According to Save the Children’s ‘Legacy of Disasters’ and UNICEF’s ‘Our Climate, Our Children, Our Responsibility’ (Das, 2010), the children will be the hardest hit by the increasingly frequent and severe weather events, desertification and flooding brought…


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Y4R Review - A Newsletter by the Youth for Results (Y4R) Network

One of the main outcomes of the just held Africa for Results Forum and 6th AfCoP Annual Meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe is the launch of the Youth for Results (Y4R) Network. Y4R is a great platform that allows for the involvement of the youth in…

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Innovations in Monitoring and Evaluating Results

Dear colleagues,

I wish to share with you a UNDP discussion paper on Innovations in Monitoring and Evaluating Results. It captures very useful M&E innovations pertinent to our activities on MfDR at AfCoP.  Our AfCoP M&E experts are particularly invited to review and share innovations, experiences and stories that could be part of a database on innovations in M&E, a very important pillar of MfDR, along with the other pillars.  

 Enjoy the reading. The paper…


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Zimbabwe Unveils the ZimCOP Website

The Zimbabwe Community of Practice (ZimCOP) on Managing for Development Results  (MfDR) is proud to unveil its website proudly hosted and managed by the Government Internet Service Provider (GISP). The web address for the site is Although this is still still under construction, there is valuable content on the site…


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ZimCOP hosts AfCOP 6th Annual Meeting

Zimbabwe hosts the 6th AfCOP Annual Meeting. Follow this link for details. We are going to post detailed proceedings on the…


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AfriK4R Forum & 6th AfCoP Annual Meeting -- December 2-6, 2013, Harare, Zimbabwe

From December 2-6, 2013, the African Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (AfCoP-MfDR) will organize two back-to-back workshops in Harare, Zimbabwe: the Africa for Results Forum and the Sixth AfCoP Annual Meeting. These two events are organized with support from the African Development Bank…


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The Big Idea: a wiki guide to public services

By: Blair Glencorse. This post was originally published by the RSA.

The Big Idea: Nalibeli is an online platform created by Blair Glencorse FRSA and Surabhi Pudasaini that helps citizens in Nepal to navigate complicated public services,  and uses crowdsourcing to give people access to the information they need.  …


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The Importance of Spirit: The Strengths and Limitations of ICT in Development

By: Mitchell Sommers, Accountability Lab Resident

During the 2013 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, I attended a panel on “Development in a Digital Age,” which featured representative experts from the Institute of the Future (IFTF),Facebook, various…


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Putting local justice first in Liberia

By: Blair Glencorse and Anne Sophie Lambert. This post was originally published by Local First.

For many Liberians living in the low-income, high-density neighborhoods of Monrovia, life is a daily struggle. Land disputes, drug problems, domestic abuse, and a lack of basic services, among other issues, are pervasive.

When citizens face legal challenges, the lack of…


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Why We Joined the Global Partnership for Social Accountability


Getting our hands dirty for accountability– building communities for change in Nepal.

By: Anne Sophie Lambert, Associate Director

At the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, World Vision International’s Local Advocacy Director, Jeff Hall, said that the focus of accountability is…


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Supporting Implementation of the OGP in Liberia with High and Low Tech: Knowmore LIB

By: Blair Glencorse and Teemu Roponnen. This post has also been submitted for the OGP blog.

Liberia has made some impressive reforms to support open government since it signed the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2005. The government has put in place a host of bodies focused on transparency…


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Resources on youth employment in Africa

On the AfCoP Forum, we recently had an interesting discussion on youth employment in Africa (see discussions here). To follow up major issues that have been discussed, we are sharing some resources from the International Labour Organization who have conducted several studies on employment in Africa focusing on youth.



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Resources on Regional Integration in Sub-Sahara Africa


One of our most recent discussions on overcoming regional integration challenges touched on policy, gender and youth dimensions on cross border trade facilitation and movement of people and goods. The Sub-Sahara Africa Transport Policy Programme of the World Bank, available at this website, has a wealth of resources including gender mainstreaming in the transport sector. Here…


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Film-Making as a Powerful Tool in Accountability and Social Change

Image (Students accepting their certificates at the Accountability Film Festival)

By Lawrence Yealue and Francis Lansana, Accountability Lab Liberia

There are often complaints in Liberia about inequality and corruption, but in many cases little effort is made to validate these claims and create positive change. To begin to address this issue, the Lab has set up an Accountability Film School…


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Graft-busting tours of Nepal and Liberia to showcase grassroots activism

Graft-busting tours of Nepal and Liberia to showcase grassroots activism


By: Stella Dawson. This post was originally published by Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Civil society group Accountability Lab has come up with a new way to raise awareness of how to combat…


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A Partnership at Work on Youth Unemployment


Dear colleagues,


An innovative partnership arrangement to assist unemployed rural youths in Sub-Saharan Africa is at work between the Mastercard Foundation and SNV in a few African Countries.  In our previous discussion on Youth Unemployment,  partnerships and innovative approaches were mentioned as necessary,  almost indispensable in addressing youth unemployment. Here is a partnership at work, click the link below.



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Call for Results Stories 2013


The AfCoP invites you to submit a results story describing an African initiative oriented toward achieving development outcomes towards regional integration as guided by a Regional Economic Community (REC) of  your choice . This call for short…


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